To Open a Can of Whoop Ass is to Give it all you've got!

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Awaken the Sleeping Giant inside of you and Wear it with Pride

Whoop Ass Can Company accessories make the bold statement that you don't settle for the status quo.

Ramp up your game and look with a bold can of Whoop Ass.

Whoop Ass cans on shoes Whoop Ass cans - military edition Whoop Ass cans on sunglasses Whoop Ass cans on your favorite hoodie. Whoop Ass can keychain Whoop Ass can drawstrings Whoop Ass can zipper-pull Whoop Ass zipper-pulls on a backpack





Hot Off The Press

We're busy developing new products, additional colors, and other improvements to our Whoop Ass cans. Check here for the latest news.

Chubbs Supports our Military

Help support the brave men and women of the military that serve to protect us. For each military designed Can of Whoop Ass purchased on this site, $1.00 will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

the World according to Chubbs

Founded over 80 years ago by W.W. Chubbs, The Whoop Ass Can Company has been inspiring people of all ages to reach for higher goals, and to strive for greatness. Today his Grandson C.W. Chubbs is taking that vision to grand new heights!

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